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  Photo Compositions
This is where you'll find our kids turned into fairies, butterflies, and other fun things!
Nature Shots

This is where you'll find birds, bugs, flowers, rainbows, and more...
  Sarah's Trip to India    
  Jenny & Mike's Wedding    
  Halloween Shots    
  Fall Variety Shots Lake Erie & Cedar Point  
  Family Reunion Spring & Summer Variety Shots  
  Winter Variety Shots Winter Snow & Ice Shots  
  Chris and Family Shots McKelvey Dance Shots  
  Bridget's Softball Team Spring Fun  
  Danny's Graduation and Art Bill and Family  
  Pets Ann's Wine and Cheese Party  
  Family Garden Family Reunion  
  Carla's Graduation Martial Arts Class  
  Chris and kids and cats Louda babies  
  Bill's Family Elena and Rick's daughter  
  Ruth Anne and Jeff's son Family Garden  
  Jenny's House Kuk Sul Do Breakathon  
  Ann's Bathroom Chris, Rachel, and Drue  
  Spring pictures Summer pictures  
  Jenny's Graduation Joe's Birthday Party  

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