Sarah's Trip to India
(with apologies to Sarah for messing up her beautifully formatted journal)

  Coimbatore and New Delhi, India // February 9-20 2010

Generation Interns // The City Church

Thank you so much for your support and prayers as I travelled to India with a Generation Intern team to partner with Share in Asia Ministries in Coimbatore, India. It was truly a life-changing experience!

Our trip began with flights from Seattle to Seoul, Korea, to Mumbai, India, then to Coimbatore, India. The total travel time was over 30 hours.

At Bethel Faith Spark Bible College, I was able to share a

message of encouragement with the

students and we were privileged to pray over them.

One of the most unique and memorable experiences was going to a leper colony. Even though these men and women have leprosy, many of them are married and have kids, and their spouse and children do not suffer from leprosy. They are vaccinated so it is not dangerous to be around them or touch them. Our team blessed each family with groceries and spent time ministering to them.

Everywhere we went, the people were so welcoming and hospitable! We were often greeted with flowers, blessings, hugs and kisses. The people of India are full of joy and love, and they treated us like royalty!

At an elderly service, the congregation raised their hands and cried out to God for healing in their bodies.


We drove to a village in the mountains of Coimbatore and met multiple Christian families who were anxiously awaiting a church to be built near them. They were so full of life and their adorable children were very well-photographed!

In Indian culture, the women cover their heads during prayer and church services, so we did as well. The guys on our team got a kick out of this and suggested we do this in America. Iím thankful we don't have to!

Of course we were able to find time to do some shopping at the markets and stores downtown and buy souveniers to remind us of our incredible trip!

It was so precious to watch the children pray with such passion!

What an awesome treat to be able to see one of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the world! We flew to New Delhi for the last 2 days of the trip and got to tour the Taj Mahal!

A personal highlight for me was meeting Theresa and Marta at an orphanage. My parents have financially supported Marta for several years, and I am now supporting her best friend, Theresa, as a result of this trip.

The memories I made and the people I met in India I will hold in my heart forever!


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