2/14 - Competeing  with 18 other mid-west gymnasts in Level 4  10 & over division, Maria came in: 3rd in vault, tie for 6th in bars, tie for 3rd in beam, 5th on floor exercises and 3rd all around.  Helping her team to a tie for 7th out of 26 teams.  Her floor routine ranked higher than both the first and second all around winners!  


10/21 - Kevin, a Freshman at Tustin High School, was just named starting goalie for the Varsity Soccer Team!
10/4 - Jenny and Mike got married!!  Congratulations!!  They are now thoroughly enjoying their "awesome" (says Jenny) honeymoon in Italy.  Stay tuned for the wedding pictures over the next few days.
10/1 - Julie was just voted Teacher of the Year at her school!  Congratulations, Julie!!
5/22 - Ann and Chris self-published their first puzzle book (and the first of its kind) called PrismaPixels; Colored Pixel Puzzles!
5/8 - Bethany spent the night at Children's Medical after having her appendix removed!  The surgery went well and she'll be back home sometime today.

2/18 - Victoria won first place in the Junior Optimist Essay Contest with her essay now being sent to the Districts.


12/21 - Jenny received an early Christmas present from Mike - a marriage proposal!  She accepted, of course, and the happy event will take place in October of 2008.  We wish them all the best!
10/12 - Ann reached the half-century mark today.  Happy fiftieth, Ann!!
10/7 - As several people have commented how hard it is to figure out what's been added recently, I've decided to make a "Quick and Dirty Link" page.  On the home page at the bottom, you'll find a new clickable area for recent updates.  Now you can find out what's new without having to search through the entire website on a scavenger hunt!  :)
10/4 - After seeing his surgeon and oncologist this week, Rick was told that his blood marker count is in the normal range and as low as it has ever been.  This is a GOOD thing!  He will return to work next week.
10/3 - Mark's mid-term grades indicate that he's adjusting well to middle school with four A's and two B's!  Way to go, Mark!!
9/26 - This week at Procter & Gamble, the Analytical Symposium is taking place in Cincinnati, with representatives from various P&G sites all over the world.  At today's Award Ceremony, Jenny was one of three people receiving an award for people who have been with the company less than five years and have made numerous technical business contributions!  You can see her plaque and very nice Seiko grandfather clock in the fall pictures.
9/18 - Ann and Mark tested for their next belt levels in Kuk Sul Do (Korean martial arts) on September 13th.  Ann received her brown stripe belt and Mark his red stripe.
9/9 - Rick's surgery went well, and he is now at home recuperating.  According to doctors, there were NO living cells in the mass removed!  HOORAY!
9/9 - Linda (dad's cousin) informs us that her Aunt Millie is alive and well, in her late 80's, and living in California with her daughter Jane.  See a picture of Aunt Millie on our "Who the Heck is That?" page
9/9 - Irene and Dale recently returned from a driving tour to the north and sent some fun pictures of the wildlife there, which you can see on the animal and bird pages.
9/9 - Chris now has an ebay store called Chris McKelvey's Material World where she sells her hand-made leotards and doll clothes.

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