Family Garden 2006
I've added quite a few new plants in the family garden since last year, and some bloomed this year that hadn't yet, so here are the new pictures and names represented in my garden.  We have a new garden mascot as well, contributed by Elena.  He hasn't been named yet, so send in your suggestions!

Boo iris (for Bethany)

Lena Ann iris (for Elena and Ann?)
Uncle Tom tulip (for my mom's brother)

Last year's pasqueflower died, so I had to buy a new one
Anne Greenway lamium (for anyone with "Anne" in their name)

Anne Greenway lamium blooming
Elizabeth Ann daffodil (for my grandma, mom's mom)

Princess Irene double narcissus on the right, and I can't remember the name of the tulip
Victoria Falls iris

Edith Wolford iris before opening
Edith Wolford iris after opening

Arum italicum with two "flowers"
Jennifer Rebecca iris

Julie Ann miniature rose
Mama Mia hosta (just because)

Cori eupatorium (for our town of origin)
David phlox

Joseph's Coat climbing rose
Karley Rose grass

Patricia geranium
Rose of Sharon

Arum Italicum with the berries turning their fall colors
Lantana Irene (not a perennial, unfortunately)

Lori Goldston daylily
As-yet-unnamed garden mascot

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