Spring & Summer 2007 Variety

Kevin playing soccer - he's usally goalie, but this game he got to PLAY

Kevin makes an awesome block
Nice head butt

The goalie gets no respect!
Victoria's fencing competition
Tournament winners

Victoria attracts little parrots with her shirt (and food)
Maria got glasses in May - very sophisticated!

Tiger spends quality time with his pet bunny
They decide what to do next

Time to go for a walk...
Dale, Irene, and their granddaughter Ellie came to visit!

Irene and Ellie
Mark (and banana peel) at Caesar's Creek

Sneaking up on a float
Beginnings of a sand castle?

Ann sings at a local Spanish restaurant with her friends Sheila and Colleen
Jenny at El Mesn

Carla, too, enjoying a mojito
Rachel representing Vietnam at an International Assembly.  Here she is wearing an Ao Dai, the traditional Vietnamese costume.


Tony preparing to do a "bipod"

Rachel's high school graduation with honors!!!
The crabwalk race is about to begin...

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