Halloween Shots

Jackson Panda with his super-hero friend.

Audrey's long-lost twin, Bridget
Vampiress Maria

Hannah Ella Montana
Jenny the Cat serving... uh... items from her kitty litter tray


And now for the jack-o-lanterns...


Carla's - Heeeeeeere's Johnny


Tony's (see explanation)
On the first of every month, many of us attempt to be the first to yell "rabbit rabbit rabbit" at each other.  Tony has taken this long-running tradition to absurd extremes with a friend of his, to the point where speaking the phrase is no longer a requirement to "get" the other person.  So Paul came in to work on November 1st to find a special jack-o-lantern carved just for him.  Although Tony did not win this month for "rabbiting" his friend first, they both agreed he won for creativity.  

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