Kuk Sul Do Breakathon
This event was part of a nationwide fund-raiser for a program that helps underwrite extracurricular activities for at-risk kids.  Martial arts academies across the country conducted an hour-long "breakathon" for the dual purpose of raising funds for charity and attempting to break the world record for board breaking.  For the past three years, the board-breaking record has gone to Centerville Kuk Sul Do Academy (our school), with a total last year of over 11,000 boards broken in one hour.  This year, we easily surpassed that record by breaking more than 23,000 boards!!  Mark and Ann were proud to have participated in this event, as were the many other students, parents, and family members you can see below.  (Ann and Mark also appeared on the news that day, and Ann was quoted in a newspaper article the next day.)  Mark's total was 145 boards broken, and Ann (on the plastic re-breakable board) achieved 256 breaks in an hour.

Mark preparing his palm strike

A quick blur and...
...the board breaks!

Ann's having way too much fun
Mark tries a fist technique

doing the Miss Piggy yell - HI-YA!
dozens of fans and relatives cheer the team on

Sa Bum Nym gives instructions to the attentive group

Excerpt from the Dayton Daily News article:

Ann Mosconi joined two months ago with her 9-year-old son, and Saturday was the first time she'd broken a board.
"I like meeting other crazy adults," she joked.  She said that it's a good workout; the master keeps you going past the point you would quit if you were exercising solo.

have you ever seen so many quiet, well-behaved kids?
Find Waldo... er... Mark (hint, he's not looking at us)
Find Ann
And there's the whole group, including our instructor. (I can see the right half - his right - of Mark's face)

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