Family Garden 2005
I decided last summer to plant a small garden area that would contain only plants with names from our family.  So far I have plants with the following names there (in no particular order):  Pasque, Edith, Victoria, Lena Ann, Angelina, Jenny, Abigail, Boo, AGM, Kate, Ida, and from the non-Mosconi side of my family, Uncle Tom (yes, there was an Uncle Tom tulip!)  More will be added as I find them in catalogs.

Joseph's Coat Climbing rose, first day this flower opened

Same flower second day, hence the name "Joseph's Coat"
Karley Rose ornamental grass (dad could never remember Carla's middle name, so he always called her Carla Rose.)

Ida-Maia brodiaea blooming next to Edith Wolford
Edith Wolford iris (for nonna)
Victoria Falls iris

Victoria Falls iris
Julie Ann miniature rose

Julie Ann miniature rose
Abigail tulip

Abigail tulips mixed with a type of small daffodil called AGM Narcissus ("AGM" being Tony's initials.)
Sedum Angelina (for Aunt Babe)

Creeping Jenny
Pasque flower (this usually flowers by Easter, hence the name, but this year it barely survived the cold)

Stonecrop Jenny
Sweet Kate tradescantia (spiderwort)

The little family garden plot surrounding a small pine tree my daughters planted about 15 years ago known fondly as Treeman
The family garden plot again

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