Male Survival Foods
Fried Italian Leftover Trash Heap
by Tony Mosconi (reproduced here with Pasquale's permission)

  Background: My Father, Pasquale Mosconi, was born in 1925, in the coal mining area of Wheeling, West Virginia, and Powhatton Point, Ohio.  He and his two younger brothers didn't have a whole lot to eat during those years.  I believe this scarred him deeply, and thus was the impetus for not wanting to waste any food.... ever!

I often ate my dinners to the comforting comments of, "Clean your plate!", and "There are people in India starving ...".  Sure, we had leftovers, but they never made it to the trash.  One of us would eat them, and as a last resort, my Father would take care of them.

Well, we are all grown up now, and have left the roost.  My Mother passed away in 1985, so the job of taking care of leftovers has fallen solely to my Father.  This is how we have finally come to his Survival Food aptly named:

Fried Italian Leftover Trash Heap (or F.I.L.T.H as I like to call it)

Take one large skillet.  Open refrigerator and remove any/all leftovers. Make sure you have the three mainstay ingredients of spaghetti sauce, cottage cheese, and parmesan cheese.  Throw in leftovers (usually a little spaghetti, with some zucchini and rice) Add sauce.  Bring to simmer.  Cover smoke alarms, and alert local Fire Department and EMT that no one has died.  Find a dish that can be thrown away.  Stir frequently with utensil that has been acid and heat tested.  Dish onto plate or into bowl, and mix in cottage cheese.  Sprinkle liberally with parmesan cheese, and consume.

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