Bees & Wasps

Bumble Bee, possibly a Brownbelted; Bombus griseocollis (?)

Eastern Carpenter Bee; Xylocopa virginica (?)
close-up wing of a carpenter bee

honey bee on milkweed; Apis
metallic green bee on milkweed; Agapostemon sericeus (?)
honey bees taking over the hummingbird feeder

unidentified - don't even know if it's a bee or a wasp
sleeping wasp, I swear!

Black and Yellow Mud Dauber; Sceliphron caementarium
Mud Dauber close-up

Mason wasp, Ancistrocerus antilope
Paper wasp (not sure what kind)

Paper wasp, side view
European paper wasp; Polistes dominula

Northern paper wasp, Polistes fuscatus
Can't identify this guy from this odd position